Bury weeds with THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow

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Using THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow to loosen the soil, burying weeds and weed seed burial

You can't use tractor for your medium garden. Using the right tools help you save your time and money. 

THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow is an easy-mobile and straightforward tool that is the best solution for your garden.

The prime purpose of plowing is to turn over the uppermost soil to bury weeds and weed seeds at a depth where they cannot germinate. 

No need to spend too much your time removing weeds with dilatory tiller using electric, gasoline. On the other hand, tiller could not bury weed seeds like a plow

 Order THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow to make a beautifull garden !

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