Create straight rows with THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow

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Why do we need incredible tool to create rows?

We often like to plant in straight rows to create a beautiful garden. In addition to the beautiful garden, creating straight rows helps you effectively use your garden space when you plant straight rows that are side-by-side and parallel to one another.

DUC's plow
We love the straight line because it looks better, it gives us energy every time we garden
There are many tools for creating rows on the market but I believe it has never impressed you as deeply as THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow
Differences in design as well as way to use THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow.
All of our parts are designed to perfection, from their quality materials to their shape. All of which makes them work smoothly without consuming too much of your energy
DUC's plow

With a light-weight, only 9 lbs, you can completely control them easily. That's why you can make straight rows easily

Why you need less energy to use THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow
As you know, traction always requires less energy than thrust of the wheel hoe. 

DUC's plow

Are you satisfied with your existing tools for creating straight rows, such as wheel hoe? We sincerely apologize because we are sure that our hand-plow will make your tool lower its value. You know that the thrust for a wheel hoe is always bigger than the traction of the plow. That's one of the reasons why wheel hoe is harder to control than our plow.

And wheel hoe can't create a row or a straight row when your garden has weeds. But THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow can create incredible rows with weeds or without weeds. 

DUC's plow

On the other hand, The wheel hoe can't create a deep row as THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow


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