How to Hill Potatoes with THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow

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The main reason to hill potatoes is to increase yield. Potatoes form along the underground stem of the plant, and when you hill them, effectively lengthen the underground portion of the stem. You can either add additional soil to the bed and then mold it around the plants, or you can scoop up soil from the rows and press it against the stems. Later in the season, it’s easy to reach in and check the potatoes for size before you harvest them.

There are many tools to hill potatoes corn, cucumber..., such as wheel hoe but it is difficult to speed up your work because traction is always harder than the thrust of a our plow.

On the other hand, your plant are more vulnerable to using a wheel hoe than THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow, because wheel hoe works on both sides, when your plant is taller than 0.7 inch, the wheel becomes useless ( THE DUC's Man-Pulled Plow only hill one side)


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